The Bishop of Peterbourgh visited in April 2014

On Saturday 26th April the Bishop of Peterborough, Bishop Donald, visited Grafton Regis.

Judy and Jean had invited Bishop Donald, in his capacity as Patron of the Churchyard Conservation Team. St.Mary’s Church is part of that scheme and we decided to host an afternoon tea which was held in the village hall in order for members of the churchyard conservation teams in Northamptonshire to meet with their Patron.

Bishop Donald arrived at 12 noon and had coffee in the village hall with Judy, Jean and Barry. He was very impressed with the interior of the building. We then walked up to the church to meet with the Bug Hut Builders. These outstanding structures caught his attention and he was delighted to meet with some of the young people (not to mention their parents!) who had been involved in these worthy creations which must be home to many a happy bug. The involvement of young people from the village with their church and the welcoming interior of St. Mary’s were noted by Bishop Donald. We then went to the White Hart and had a hearty lunch.

Members of the Northamptonshire Conservation Teams arrived promptly at the village hall at 2.30pm. We had a great afternoon swapping ideas and helping one another solve and deal with the varied challenges which arrive in maintaining a conservation churchyard. Some people had brought laptops and showed videos of their glorious churchyards.

Bishop Donald moved around the tables in order to mingle well and to get to know everyone.  The guests also followed this example. It was a very good day and it was super to have Bishop Donald come to Grafton Regis and have an opportunity not only to meet conservation teams but also to visit our own church.